Monday, June 22, 2009


this is a good one! (from my collection of 70s, national geographic clippings). would make a great billboard, I think.

alas, photographs and parties. . .they do so rapidly. . .disappear!

Monday, June 8, 2009


to "dowse" is to focus on something lost or invisible and divine for its location. according to wikipedia, it's a thousand-year-old tradition coming out of germany. we know about it in association with finding well water. but according to the experts, you can dowse for pots of gold, lay lines, underground waterways, lost slippers, unicorns or just use a pendulum like a ouiji board to derive yes and no answers.

currently, I'm having issues with my house. . .or maybe it's just my life. . .kind of hard to tell. I think there are cosmic forces at work and I want to somehow manage it. . .gosh, there's a lot of conflict and hell breakin' loose. a real tornado stormed over it last year in march (see my houseclearing performance in c'town), and many neighbors say that its mark of chaos is still around. why not act to alter the energy of this place, a little freaked out still from natural disaster? perhaps underground waterways and invisible energy currents are having an effect. if the management of such things are pretend, than it's a good performance. . .but I like to believe in such things.

fiction or not, I believe it's important to design mysticism (an acknowledgement of the unknown) into contemporary suburban reality. (an interesting match, and, perhaps, a natural progression).

so, in search of energy experts, I set out to the georgia dowser's monthly meeting in the appropriately named northern suburb of atlanta, roswell. (see new mexico & UFOs). . .a friend forwarded me the ga dowser website with this caveat: "I go just for the theatre. . ."

more coming some day I feel like retelling the story. . . .or you can ask me to tell you sometime in person : )