Thursday, April 22, 2010


I feel emotional after seeing this meteorite footage. It's so pixellated and yet so lovely. Why is seeing more impactful --more of an indicator of reality-- than hearing ?

This peaceful meteorite cascades across rural Iowa. It's an historic event that punctuates a startling series of earth changes world wide. Lot's of people witnessed it. No one was hurt. It's a sign of wonder and hope. It's a wake-up call and a warning. It's a message to pay attention to the sky.

Just since the new year, there have been a hand full of major earthquakes around the world, and now a volcanic eruption in Iceland, which put European flights out of commission for days.

Just this winter we were in Florida. It was too cold to sunbath. . .we read humorous interviews on local media asking Floridians if they believe in global warming? of course, all of them--freezing their asses off--said it's all a load of crap. . .long live capitalism, etc, etc.

Sometimes I feel as if those around me are in a daze. Atlanta is so sleepy and out of touch, hiding under the magnificent dark trees and spirit of Southern denial. There's really so very little analysis on the news.