Saturday, November 26, 2011


for two years I have tended a meadow in the empty lot next to my house. I do not own this property, but have been making art there for three years. In reaction to some intolerance towards public art in my neighborhood, I built a custom billboard which which was a nice companion piece to the wild garden. I live on a very public corner of Atlanta. It's a long saga click here if you want to investigate more about the artworks I created here.

alas, a few weeks ago, the property owner showed up with a bobcat and tore down the meadow and the billboard. then sprinkled cement dust on the surface to make a parking lot.

I knew that I was playing with space temporarily and was almost relieved not to have to go through the trouble of a total deinstall. but I wanted to find a way to keep people from actually parking in this space. After some consideration of a series of potential low-impact responses, my friend Crytal and I created a walking labyrinth in the space.

not sure how to maintain it or it I do, is that being too agressive with private property? but the idea of creating surface graphics over unused blocks of property is an idea with a lot of potential. Imagine finding a way to use parking lots as places to walk and contemplate when not filled up with cars. . .

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